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Blogger relations

After delivering a couple of lectures on blogger relations I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the key differences when contacting bloggers as part of a PR campaign. I have several friends who are influential bloggers and say that there are a lot of people still getting it wrong.

Here are my top three tips for blogger relations’ campaigns, yes similar to traditional media relations but some distinct differences:

1. Remember bloggers do not have to write, they do not have a number of pages to fill or deadlines to meet. If they don’t want to write strictly speaking they don’t have to.

2. Know the content and what they write about, do some research before you approach a blogger. Collate all your information in a spreadsheet so you can use it in future campaigns. Remember to update your research regularly though.

3. Dont underestimate the influence of bloggers, in many consumer fields bloggers are key to reaching a particular audience. There are a few key indicators of how big a bloggers audience is: look at the number of comments/shares on each post, the number of followers, or stats from can also be quite useful.

Hopefully these three tips shouldn’t see you far wrong.