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What is a list broker?

Here is a guest blog provided by my friends over at Databroker, so find out what exactly a list broker is and how they can help your marketing campaigns become more effective, enjoy:

Essentially, a list broker (also known as a data broker) works on your behalf, sourcing data lists for your direct marketing campaigns; so that could be telemarketing, direct mail or maybe email broadcasting.

Buying and sourcing business data (B2B) or consumer data (B2C) can be an onerous and time consuming task. Where do I buy data? What data shall I buy? How do I know this data is right for me?  How do I avoid scammers and bad data?

A list broker not only has the answer to all of these questions but they also do all of the hard work for you.

A good list or data broker will have years of experience sourcing all types of marketing data for an array of different clients and different types of campaign.  They will have built relationships with the credible data suppliers and know the good from the bad and the ugly.

Benefits of using a list broker

So why should you use a list broker?

Let’s cut to the chase.  Using a list broker will save you money and gain you more customers from your direct marketing campaigns.
Here’s why:

  • List brokers are impartial.  You get unbiased recommendations on the data which will work best for your individual campaign
    without any sales spin.
  • A list broker has access to a vast array of data sets; B2B data, B2C data, email data, sms data, niche lists and foreign data.  If you need it, they will find it.
  • Advice on who to target.  They have seen it all before and know what works and what doesn’t.
  • A credible list broker will only recommend credible data: Quality Data = Less Wastage = More Customers for Less Money.
  • Leveraging their supplier relationships, list brokers can negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

And saving the best until last….

  •  Their services are free.  List brokers work on commission given to them by the data suppliers, which means you get their advice, experience and service for zip!

Now you can’t say fairer than that, can you?!  For more details and benefits of using a list broker plus handy direct marketing and data tips, please visit the Databroker Blog

Databroker are an independent list brokering service providing free advice on sourcing B2B data and B2C data.  We have 10 years experience doing this and with our advice you will gain more customers.
As DMA members we are committed to upholding the DMA Direct Marketing Code of Practice and providing our clients with expertise and trusted advice. If you need any free and friendly advice on data and direct marketing then give
Databroker a call today.

Can Twitter help you grow a business?

My answer to this question is of course: Yes!

Everyone in business is aware that one of the best methods of growing a business is via referrals but can you do this on Twitter? Mark Shaw (@msrfr) is a leading authority on Twitter, and is trying to do just that by using #rfr – request for recommendation. At present it broadcasts about 100 business leads throughout the day.

So what are you waiting for? Follow @msrfr and see if there are any requests for products or services that you can provide – hopefully it should prove that Twitter is an effective and valuable tool for lead generation and it’s free!

This got me thinking about how I use Twitter for my own business and over recent months I have found hashtags such as #journorequest, #ukjourn and #prrequest incredibly useful putting me in touch with specific journalist requests. Therefore, I would be interested to find out how anyone else is utilising Twitter and hashtags in their daily business life – please leave your comments.